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OnCusp Therapeutics (hereinafter referred to as "OnCusp") is a company established under the laws of the Cayman Islands, and its registered address is 3-212 Governors Square, 23 Lime Tree Bay Avenue, P.O. Box 30746, Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman KY1-1203, Cayman Islands. OnCusp is the operator of

OnCusp respects and protects user information, and will treat such information with a high degree of diligence and prudence. OnCusp will take security protection measures to protect your user information (referring to your registration of OnCusp website account, use of OnCusp services and /or OnCusp to provide services to you, user membership information submitted by you or collected by OnCusp, such as name , Contact information, etc., please refer to the information described in Article 2 of the Privacy Policy of this website for details) in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations .

In view of the above, OnCusp Therapeutics (hereinafter referred to as "OnCusp" or "OnCusp") has formulated this "Website Privacy Policy" (hereinafter referred to as "Website Privacy Policy") and reminds you that you should read carefully and thoroughly to understand this Website Privacy Policy, and confirm that you fully understand and agree to use related products and services. Once you start using OnCusp's website services, it will be deemed that you have accepted and recognized all the contents of this Website Privacy Policy and OnCusp will collect, process and disclose your information accordingly.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, you can contact OnCusp through the various contact methods provided on the OnCusp website.

The following is the text of this Website Privacy Policy:

The application scope of this Website Privacy Policy

This Website Privacy Policy applies to all services on the OnCusp website, including services on providing you with page browsing, website login services and providing products or services to you.

This Website Privacy Policy does not apply to services provided to you by other third parties.

How does OnCusp collect and use your user information

Situations where OnCusp collects your user information

During your use of the service, OnCusp will collect the following information:

Device information: OnCusp will receive and record the device-related information (such as software and hardware characteristics information like device model, operating system version, device settings, MAC address and IMEI, IDFA, OAID, and others device identifiers), device location-related information (such as IP address, GPS location, and sensor information such as Wi-Fi access points, Bluetooth, and base stations that can provide relevant information) according to the specific permissions granted by you during software installation and use. OnCusp may associate the two types of information so that OnCusp can provide you with consistent services on different devices.

Log information: When you use OnCusp's website provided by the client, OnCusp will automatically collect your detailed usage of OnCusp services and save them as relevant web logs, such as the content of your search query, IP address, browser type, telecommunications operator, language used, date and time of visit, and records of web pages you visit, etc.

Supporting information of user account: Based on the user's consultation record, fault report record and troubleshooting process for user faults (such as communication or call records) generated by your use of OnCusp website services, OnCusp will record and analyze this information in order to be more timely respond to your requests for help and use it to improve services.

When OnCusp provides you with business functions or specific services, OnCusp will collect, use, store, provide externally and protect your user information in accordance with; where OnCusp collects your user information beyond this Website Privacy Policy and the corresponding product service agreement, OnCusp will separately explain to you the scope and purpose of the information collection, and obtain your consent before collecting your information necessary to provide the corresponding service; if you choose not to provide the aforementioned information, such choice will affect your use of the corresponding products, but will not affect your use of the basic functions of the OnCusp website and other products.

Situations where OnCusp uses your user information

OnCusp uses the user information submitted by you and collected by OnCusp for the following purposes:

In order to provide you with services, OnCusp will send you information, notifications or communicate with you, including but not limited to the verification code necessary to ensure the completion of the service, and the necessary notifications when using the service;

In order to maintain and improve the service and provide you with information display that is more in line with your individual needs, OnCusp may combine user information from a certain service on the OnCusp website with information from other services to make a characteristic model and perform user portraits and display and push information and possible commercial advertisements to you, including but not limited to news about OnCusp products, marketing activities and preferential promotions, promotional information from third parties that OnCusp cooperates with, or other content that may be of interest to you. If you do not want to receive the commercial information sent to you by OnCusp, you can reply to unsubscribe via SMS or unsubscribe according to other unsubscribe methods provided in the message;

OnCusp may design, develop, and promote new products and services based on user information statistics; OnCusp will make statistics on the use of OnCusp services, and may share these statistics with the public or third parties, but these statistics do not contain any identifying information about you;

In order to improve the security of your use of services provided by OnCusp and OnCusp affiliates and partners, ensure the safety of the operating environment and identify the abnormal status of your account, protect the personal and property safety of you or other users or the public from infringement, and better prevent phishing websites, fraud, network vulnerabilities, computer viruses, network attacks, network intrusions and other security risks, and more accurately identify violations of laws and regulations or OnCusp’s related agreements and rules, OnCusp may use your member information, integrate device information, related network logs, and information legally shared by OnCusp affiliates and partners to determine your account and transaction risks, conduct identity verification, detect and prevent security incidents, and take necessary recording, auditing, analysing, and disposal measures in accordance with the laws;

If the purpose stated when collecting user information is exceeded, or before the user information is used beyond the scope of direct or reasonable connection, OnCusp will notify you again and obtain your express consent.

How OnCusp shares, transfers, and publicly discloses your user information

OnCusp will not share your user information with any third parties, except for the following cases:

Sharing with explicit consent: After obtaining your explicit consent, OnCusp will share your user information with third parties;

Sharing under statutory circumstances: OnCusp may share your user information with external parties in accordance with laws and regulations, litigation, arbitration needs, or in accordance with the requirements of administrative and judicial authorities in accordance with the laws;

Sharing with authorized partners: OnCusp may entrust trusted partners (including suppliers, service providers, etc.) to provide services, so OnCusp may share some of your user information with partners to provide better customer service and optimize the user experience. OnCusp will only share your user information for legal, legitimate, necessary, specific and clear purposes, and will only share user necessary information for providing services. OnCusp's partners have no right to use the shared user information for any other purpose.

OnCusp will not transfer your user information to any company, organization or individual, except for the following cases:

Transfer with explicit consent: After obtaining your explicit consent, OnCusp will transfer your user information to a third party;

In the case of mergers, acquisitions or bankruptcy liquidation between OnCusp and other entities, or other situations involving mergers, acquisitions or bankruptcy liquidation, if the transfer of user information is involved, OnCusp will require new company(s) and organization(s) that hold your user information to continue to be subject to this Website Privacy Policy, otherwise OnCusp will require the company(s), organization(s) and individual(s) to seek authorization and consent from you again.

OnCusp will only publicly disclose your user information under the following circumstances:

With your explicit consent or based on your active choice, OnCusp may publicly disclose your user information; or

In order to protect the personal and property safety of OnCusp and its affiliates’ users or the public from infringement, OnCusp may disclose user information about you in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Exceptions for prior consent when sharing, transferring, and publicly disclosing user information

Sharing, transferring, and publicly disclosing your user information does not require your prior consent in the following situations where:

Relates to national security and national defense security;

Relates to public safety, public health, and major public interests;

Relates to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial, and execution of judgments;

In order to protect your or other individuals' life, property and other major legal rights and interests, but it is difficult to obtain the consent of yours;

Your personal information that is disclosed to the public on your own;

We collect personal information from legally publicly disclosed information, such as legal news reports, governmental information disclosure and other channels.

How OnCusp uses cookies

In order to ensure the normal operation of the website and to provide you with a more relaxed visiting experience, and to recommend content that may be of interest to you, OnCusp will store a small data file named Cookie on your computer or mobile device. Cookies usually contain identifiers, site names, and some numbers and characters.

With the help of cookies, data such as your preferences or items in the purchase list can be stored. When you visit again next time, OnCusp's website will display the information you need; or OnCusp can identify your source website through Cookies, so that OnCusp can track OnCusp's advertising effects.

You can manage cookies according to your preferences, or you can clear all cookies saved on your computer. Most web browsers have a function to block cookies. But if you do this, you need to change the user settings every time you visit OnCusp's website. To learn more about how to change browser settings, please visit the relevant settings page of the browser you are using.

How OnCusp protects and saves your user information

OnCusp takes your information security very seriously. OnCusp strives to adopt various reasonable physical, electronic and management security measures to protect your user information and prevent unauthorized access, public disclosure, use, modification, damage or loss of user information.

OnCusp will take reasonable and feasible measures and try to avoid collecting irrelevant user information. OnCusp will only retain your user information for the period required to achieve the purpose stated in this Website Privacy Policy, unless permitted by applicable laws. When the above-mentioned user information retention period expires, OnCusp will delete or anonymize your personal information.

Please use a complex password to help OnCusp keep your account safe. OnCusp will do its best to ensure the security of any information you send to OnCusp. If OnCusp's physical, technical or management protection facilities are damaged, resulting in unauthorized access, public disclosure, tampering or destruction of information and then resulting in damage to your legitimate rights and interests, OnCusp will bear the corresponding liability.

In the unfortunate incident of a user information security incident (leakage, loss, etc.), OnCusp will promptly inform you in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations: the basic situation and possible impact of the security incident, the disposal measures that OnCusp has taken or will take, and suggestions on how you can prevent and reduce risks on your own, remedial measures for you, etc. OnCusp will promptly inform you of the relevant situation of the incident by email, letter, telephone, push notification, etc. If it is difficult to inform the user information subject one by one, OnCusp will take a reasonable and effective way to issue an announcement.

At the same time, OnCusp will also report the handling situation of user information security incidents in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory authorities.

OnCusp will store your user information in the territory of People's Republic of China. If personal information is transferred overseas due to business needs in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, OnCusp will obtain your consent in advance and notify you the purpose, recipient, security measures, security risks, etc. of the user information outbound.

In the situation that OnCusp products or services cease to operate, OnCusp will take reasonable measures to protect the security of your user information, including promptly stopping the activities of collecting user information; notices of suspension of operations will be notified to users in the form of one by one delivery or announcement; and the personal information that OnCusp holds will be deleted or anonymized.

Special agreement for minor user information

OnCusp mainly provides products and services for adults. If you are a minor, OnCusp requires you to ask your parent(s) or guardian(s) to read this Website Privacy Policy carefully, and use OnCusp's products or services or provide information to OnCusp with the consent of your parent(s) or guardian(s).

In the case of collecting personal information of minors by using OnCusp’s products or services with the consent of their parent(s) or guardian(s), OnCusp will only use, share, transfer or disclose this information when permitted by laws and regulations, the parent(s) or guardian(s)’s explicit consent, or in the situation where the protection of minors is necessary.

Update of this Website Privacy Policy

OnCusp's Website Privacy Policy may be revised from time to time.

Without your explicit consent, OnCusp will not restrict your rights in accordance with this Website Privacy Policy. OnCusp will post any amendments to this Website Privacy Policy on a dedicated page.

For major revisions, OnCusp will provide more noticeable notifications (including for certain products and services, OnCusp will notify you through website announcements or provide you with pop-up prompts to explain the specific changes to this Website Privacy Policy) .

Significant changes referred to in this Website Privacy Policy include but are not limited to:

OnCusp's service model has undergone major changes, such as the purpose of processing user information, the type of user information processed, and the way the user information is used, etc.;

OnCusp has undergone major changes in terms of controlling rights and organizational structure, such as changes of owners caused by business adjustments, bankruptcy mergers, etc.;

The main objects of user information sharing, transfer or public disclosure change;

Your right to participate in user information processing and the way of exercising it has major changes;

When OnCusp's responsible department, contact information and complaint channels for handling user information security change;

When the user information security impact assessment report shows that there is a high risk.

How to contact OnCusp

If you have any questions or comments about the content of this Website Privacy Policy, or you have any questions or comments about OnCusp’s practice and operation of this Website Privacy Policy, you can log on to the OnCusp website and click on the "Contact " to contact OnCusp, and OnCusp will reply within 15 working days.